May 21, 2019

RC46 is pleased to announce that a new resource, namely an annotated bibliography of journal articles from the past 4 years covering themes relating to migration and citizenship.  The bibliography is organized by world region, with "regions" understood in relation to IPSA and United Nations practice.    

RC46 would like to thank Ms. Luise Shöneberg for her careful work in putting together this new resource that will benefit RC46 members.  She completed this annotated bibliography during her internship held at the University of Alberta between January and April 2019, working under the supervision of Yasmeen Abu-Laban.  After enduring a very cold Canadian winter, she is now back in her home country of Germany where she will be pursuing her MA degree.  Her interests are in migration, constitutional law, and human rights.  RC46 wishes her well as she continues her studies!